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Mount Tangkuban Parahu

Mount Tangkuban Parahu

Mount  Tangkuban  Parahu  is one of the mountain located in the province of West Java, Indonesia. About 20 km to the north of the city of  Bandung, with a lush carpet of pine trees and tea plantations in the surrounding mountains as high as Tangkuban Parahu has 2084 meters altitude. These mountains form the center of the eruption is Stratovulcano that moves from east to west. Rock types are mostly issued by the eruption of lava and sulfur, sulfur minerals released are sulfur, minerals that are released when the mountain is not active sulfur vapor. Tangkuban Parahu Mountain area is managed by the Forestry Housing. Daily average temperature is 17oC during the day and 2 ° C at night.
Mount Tangkuban Parahu hill dipterocarp forests have, dipterocarp forests Upper Montane forest, and forest Ericaceous or mountain forests.

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