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Destinasi Snorkeling Terbaik

Underwater world attracted many tourists. Some places chosen to be the best offer beautiful underwater scenery.

Besides Raja Ampat and Komodo National Park in Indonesia, some places in the world is also interesting for snorkeling. From the Dominican Republic to the waters in Mexico.

Here are the world’s best snorkeling destinations as follows:

  • Silver Bank, Dominican Republic
    Silver Bank is one of the ayng allows tourists can swim and snorkel along a humpback whale. Silver Bank is in the shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea, so it is not bypassed by the big ships. It’s a comfortable place for humpback whales breed. You can enjoy the thrill of swimming with humpback whales between December and April when they crossed the area.

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Moyo Island Beauty

Moyo Island beach

Moyo Island beach

For lovers of nature and the world under the sea , three miles off the northern coast of Sumbawa , Indonesia , lies the island of Moyo , natural environment with rugged coastlines and meadows home to all kinds of wildlife .

Moyo island became more famous after the visit of Princess Diana of England who are looking for peace of paparazzi chase .
The main attraction of the island is located below the sea surface . Moyo is surrounded by a natural coral reef ideal for snorkeling . Swim with white sharks , diving near the stingray , found a bunch of tropical fish . Experience in the tropical waters of Indonesia will not be forgotten .

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Kona, Hawaii is home to some of the world’s best snorkeling. There are several reasons for this. First, as a relatively new island with a still active volcano, Hawaii Island has relatively little sand. For snorkelers this is a good thing, as the water visibility is almost always excellent, letting snorkelers see near and far. Another great reason for snorkeling in Kona, Hawaii is that there are over 400 endemic fish in Hawaii–fish that you will not see anywhere else in the world. Other great reasons include calm waters, great weather, easy access and modern hotels on land.

What is the best way to enjoy the pristine waters in Kona, Hawaii? There are many places you can access the water from the shore. Another great option for Kona snorkeling is to go on a boat to some of the awesome areas that are not readily accessible from land. Captain Cook/Kealakekua Bay is a great place for snorkeling but you’ll need to take a boat to get there. We recommend Sea Paradise It’s never over-crowded and the relaxed pace, great food and awesome crew make for a wonderful day on the water.

So, if you’re looking for a great place in the world for snorkeling check out Kona, Hawaii. You won’t regret it!