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Top 7 Things You Can Do In Stockholm

To view Scandinavia at its best, go to Stockholm. Stockholm isn’t just the loveliest Scandinavian city, but it’s also regarded as among the most beautiful and cleanest cities on the globe. What’s more the town provides visitors with amazing experiences when they look at the well-known tourist spots. When you wondering what to do in Stockholm, allow me to share 7 attractions in Stockholm you have to see.

1.Go back in its history in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan or even the Old Town because so many Swedes call oahu is the most preserved area in Stockholm. If you need to return with time and find out the rich cultural heritage of Stockholm, this can be the placed you need to visit. Move around the cobblestone streets and alleyways and learn buildings dating as back as 15th century. Get inspired through the sturdiness and functionality of Swedish Architecture. Enjoy Swedish delicacies from your many restaurants and cafes around Gamla Stan. Go shopping for beautiful handicrafts and acquire some Stockholm.

Look At The Royal Palace

Kungliga Slottet, certainly one of Stockholm’s two royal palaces, is found at the north eastern a part of Gamla Stan. Have a tour and feel the lifetime of the nobility when walking with the corridors that past kings and queens of Stockholm took. Integrated 1754, this palace has over 60 rooms. Be sure you include this with your trip, particularly if you have desire for lavish interiors.

Visit the Skansen

It becomes an open-air museum that showcases the original crafts in the office in Sweden since they existed ahead of the Industrial Revolution. Get the opportunity to find out 150 traditional buildings, many original, and exposed to this museum little by little. This Museum has many various kinds of craftsmen including bakers, glass-blowers, tanners and shoe makers.

Explore Riksdag (Parliament)

Sveriges Riksdag, Sweden’s parliament can be worth seeing. That’s where the Sweden’s legislative body deliberates. Located on Helgeandsholmen Island, the Riksdag complex consists of a series of architecturally interesting buildings including Mecuris, Cephalus, Neptunus and Rosebad the location where the government is housed. The oldest of such, Cephalus and Neptunus, have portions dating from 17th century. There is a 500-seat public viewing gallery at the Riksdag. Guided tours are available all seasons -round. An important feature about visiting Riksdag is there’s no admission charge.

Enjoy yourself at Djurgarden

Djurgarden or the Game Park is another wonder place you have to visit in Stockholm. This can be a lush island in the center of Stockholm. This tropical isle offers spectacular views and sights, and you may take advantage of the events how the park has planned for tourists. You may even take the lunch where you can picnic inside the lush gardens. Much to provide you this also place is actually free!

6.Go skateboarding in Kungstradgarden Park

If you are intending to visit Stockholm during wintertime, then you need to try ice skating in Kungstradgarden Park. Renting skates is relatively cheap. This massive park in central Stockholm is opened daily and you may always take the family.

Visit Stadshuset (City Hall)

Studshuset, Stockholm’s City Hall, is architectural delight that you must visit. This is perhaps Stockholm’s most prominent landmark, with among the best views of the city. It’s also famous for being the house of the Nobel Prize the place that the great Bia Hallen, the awards ceremonies are held each and every year in December. Guided tours can be found all seasons -round.



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