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Besides the famous seven summits, the mountain in Indonesia is also no less fascinating. Indonesia is located on the equator and awarded dozens of active volcanic mountains and frequent eruptions. Characteristics of a mountain in Indonesia is very unique and complete.

Mount is located at the equator with a tropical rain forest, but the top of the mountain almost bare due to volcanic activity. Walking from a wide lawn, entered the jungle, and the arduous journey to the top of the main attraction and a challenge for mountain climbers. A journey that could invite the climbers from all over the world.

  1. Mount Kerinci with an altitude of 3805 meters above sea level to be a magnet for climbers. Mount Kerinci is the highest mountain on the island of Sumatra and the highest volcano in Indonesia. The journey began at the feet tread in Kersik Tuo tea plantations, Jambu and through heavy woods in the area of ??Kerinci Seblat National Park and ends past the rocky sand to the top of Sumatra. The crater any time steaming volcano Solfatara indicates this could have erupted at any time. Extra struggle to be able to set foot on the summit of the mountain terrain of Kerinci because quite heavy.
  2. Mount Ciremai with an altitude of 3078 meters above sea level. The mountain is usually climbed from 3 lanes, but people are familiar with the Palutungan and Linggajati track. This is the highest mountain in West Java. The road through the mountain to reach the summit Ciremai strenuous enough, because the track is uphill. Dense forest make climbers feel cool and some small rivers can still be met, if passing lane Palutungan. This is very typical summit with smoke fromĀ  crater that keeps rising, meaning that at any time could have been coughing.
  3. Mount Slamet at an altitude of 3428 meters above sea level. The mountain is often a sign, if is active then the surrounding mountains are also active. Mount can climb through 3 lanes namely: Bambangan, Batu Raden, and Guci. Like the other characteristic of tropical mountain, then the mount Slamet has a very dense primary forest. Giant trees with roots hanging into ornaments along the route, especially through Bambangan. If you’ve been to the summit, then the climbers adrenalin will be test because they have to drive through rugged terrain. Climbers will be greeted by the charm and incredible of the Jonggring Saloka crater. This is the highest peak in the middle of Java Island.
  4. Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta with an altitude of 2991 meters above sea level and the rest of the world knew him as an active volcano in the world . 5-year cycle , the eruption schedule is incredible natural phenomenon . 2010 hot clouds already devastated the south side of Mount Merapi . Mount Merapi can be passed from a few lines . Deles line of Klaten and Selo Boyolali is the line that is often used by climbers , beside the line from Kali Adem and Babadan . From Selo Boyolali track to the summit, 4 km mileage takes about 4-6 hours . Pasar Bubrah or Pasar Setan is a stretch of desert rock and sand just below the top of the mountain . Stone of sand , gravel up at the house several floors here . When climbing the peak is the toughest challenge, because every moment could change lanes . Sand steep climbs and prone to landslides are potential hazards that require alertness. Arriving at the top then it will be paid off crest charm trim almost every moment can change shape . 400m wide crater is located on the south side with a puff of white smoke that continued to soar in the sky .
  5. Mount Semeru with altitude of 3676 meters above sea level with the peak Mahameru, is the highest mountain on the island of Java, known as the peak of the immortal Gods. Semeru is the ambition anyone who wants to enjoy the palace of the gods. Oro-oro Ombo is a very beautiful savanna because the right and left are surrounded by beautiful hills. Romantical Ranu Kumbolo is a paradise for Climber to linger there. Mystical Kalimati until Arcopodo will be test climbers to embrace Java roof. The eruption of the crater every 15 minutes is awaited moment as evidence had reached the highest peak.
  6. Agung Mountain with an altitude of 3142 meters above sea level, is the highest peak on the island of Bali. The climb from Besakih pathway is the main route for climbing the sacred. Passing through the land of temples in Besakih temple ended in the black top temple. After the last temple the dense forest that must be passed. Giri tirta golden springs, the only source of water in these mountain climbers to be equipped on the island of the gods towards nirvana. When going to the summit, a footpath less than 1 meter wide with a right-left side of the abyss is the final test before reaching the crater rim. This is the charm of the holy mountain on the island of the Gods.
  7. Mount Rinjani with an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level. Sembalun lane and Senaru are official channels ascent to the highest point on the island of Lombok. The mountain is very unique because it has a vast savannah, dense forests, craggy peaks and there is the sea. This is the charm of the Segara Anak, the caldera of Mount Rinjani.


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