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wisata irlandia

Although Ireland states fall into the category of a small country, but the beauty and tours offered in this country can not be taken lightly. Many tourist destinations in Ireland was charming, beautiful and fantastically located in various corners of the country.

1. Cliffs of Moher
Tourist attractions in Ireland are located precisely in the north of Lahinch, Clare’s west coast. Cliffs of Moher which is the highest cliff in Europe is a tourist destination with beautiful views. Formerly, the Cliffs of Moher is an ancient site had been used for guard towers guarding the Viking attackers.

2. Rural Connemara
Connemara countryside has an area of ??approximately 2,000 hectares. Countryside who are in Letterfrack, Galway county is very charming and became one of the favorite national park administration protected in this country.

3. The Burren
Burren is a tourist area that contains limestone region is quite high. This place is one of the many attractions have a mystery story. Plants that are in the Burren never grow anywhere else in the world. Visitors can also canoeing on the lake and in some caves there.

4. Blarney Castle
This castle is one of the historic castles in Ireland, located in the Cork area. In the castle there are the ancient fortress MacCarthys, Lords of Muskerry, and the most powerful fortress which had thick walls with a size eighteen feet. In the Blarney castle, visitors can perform a ritual kiss the Blarney stone which is above the castle is aimed at providing windfall abound.

5. Lake Killarney
Killarney lakes in the region of Kerry. This lake is one of three lakes in the region in a wide valley to the south of the mountains. This beautiful lake is now included in the Killarney National Park.

6. Muckross
These attractions more known after once visited by Queen Victoria in 1861. The natural beauty more complete with a charming garden with mountain ranges, lakes of Killarney, and also park natural limestone.

7. The Blasket Islands
Blasket Islands in Kerry is the red sand island in the Atlantic ocean region. There are several islands that fall into the tourist attractions in Ireland, which is a small island Beginish, Youngs Island and Illaunboy. There are also several large islands like Inishmore, Inish na Bro, and others.

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