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seplawan cave

seplawan cave

Seplawan Goa is one of the cave that is in Purworejo district. The cave  is located on the border of the cluster of hills incise Purworejo and Kulon Progo Donorejo precisely located in the Village, District Kaligesing, about 20 kilometers to the east of downtown Purworejo and be around 700 meters from the sea surface.

Goa Seplawan it is a relic of past civilizations as evidenced by the discovery of an 22-carat gold statue of 9 cm tall with a weight of 2.5 kg. on August 15, 1979 in one corner of the cave.


Kencana statue was a statue of a man and woman who are holding hands. Experts archaeologists believe that it is a statue of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the statue is a relic of the days of Hindu Shiva.

The statue is now kept in the National Museum and instead the Government to build a replica of the statue in front of the mouth of the cave, a replica of it was bigger than it actually is.

There are some historians also states that around Goa Seplawan in antiquity ever inhabited by a queen or king, it is reinforced with Linga Yoni found that symbolizes fertility and prosperity.
In addition to having a distinctive prehistoric sites, Natural Enchantment extend around Goa Seplawan indeed beautiful and soothing, there is also another feature that is the beauty of the cave Seplawan itself. Goa ornaments that have a very beautiful and amazing as their stalactites and stalagmites with diverse sizes.


Other ornaments were no less interesting as stone Flow, helektit, soda straw, gowerdam and others. One of the more interesting things that in the cave there is a refreshing source of water above the dam there telaganya ancient text that reads Saplo wan saplu meaning: sacred. wan: a man who could carry a holy man or a man purify.

Seplawan Goa has a length of approximately 500 meters, while the branches of the cave about 150-300 meters.
While the specific path for the visitors, while lighting the lamp for the branches of the cave is not mounted lights because of the muddy condition.

Location Seplawan attractions of Goa is very easy to accomplish because the access road for four wheel drive vehicles can reach the site easily and has been equipped with facilities and infrastructures such as parking vehicles, a bathroom / WC, a small mosque simple, Gashebo, relay Pandang, Hall for staging / meeting and also flower gardens beautiful.

Location Goa seplawan also very possible for Nature Lovers training evidenced by the frequent training of some nature lovers from different regions.


Natural charm around Seplawan Goa also has a camping site camping ground or large enough and allows for travel camping.
The landscape around the cave is very beautiful seplawan besides air is too cool for this area at an altitude of about 700 meters above sea level.

Through observation post, visitors can see the southern coast, the town of Kulon Progo, and Sermo Reservoir, even if it goes up to one of the hills in the cave, visitors can see Mount Merapi, Merbabu, Sumbing and Sindoro and Mount Slamet.

But the mountains can only be seen in the morning, then a lot of the visitors were camping in Seplawan so in the morning to see the natural beauty of the region Seplawan.


Currently visitor segment is still dominated by young men and domestic tourists but not infrequently also got foreign tourist visits, although the current location does not have a Seplawan Goa lodging, so for a while still rarely stay around Goa Seplawan except that camping there.

Not a few people who come to Goa to perform the ritual Spiritual Seplawan to meditate there, as manifested Ngudiyo father (a former village head Donorejo) that often receive a tour that has intent to do Meditation in Goa Seplawan location.

If you wish to come follow this route:

From Purworejo – KEC toward Kaligesing through Cangkrep – Brenggong – Plipir – Kaliharjo- Kaligono – Donorejo or use Primkopol track 44 of the terminal market Baledono Purworejo

From Yogyakarta / Magelang / Godean / Wates: either through Kenteng Nanggulan direction Jonggrangan Jatimulyo – Tlogoguwo – Donorejo.

To guide you notice if any five Cellular Tower lined above Gunungkelir means it is close to the location of Goa Seplawan.


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