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The Bono

The Bono

As far – away fantasy , have you ever can imagine surfing on the river ? Most people would probably think you underestimate the imaginary and absurd. However , the reality surfing on the river really is not just a daydream . Stream of this one was definitely different and special because not even all choppy seas can be a place to surf .

River because the presence of unique and phenomenal surge ( tidal bore ) that can be ridden powerful surfers is no real reliable in Kampar River . Location can be found in the village of Young Island , District of Teluk Meranti , Pelalawan , Riau Province . Wave ( tide sea water ) which makes the Kampar River is now more popular and being special is Bono waves .

Bono is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the meeting of the waters in the tidal currents tide river water . This phenomenon only occurs at certain times , which is when the full moon or the local people call it a big month . The full moon occurs every 10-20 months in the calculation of Malay ( Arabic ) or the range of months from August to December . At the time of a small moon ( tides off season ) , Bono is negligible.

Bono waves supported the formation of natural conditions where there is narrowing because of the current meeting a young island that divides the Kampar River estuary section . Occurrences Bono usually marked hearing a roar like thunder accompanied by strong winds , followed by the formation of waves and big waves rolling .

Bono speed up to 40 km / h , moving from the direction towards the mouth of the river or the beginning of Young Island to the Gulf of Binjai on the Kampar River . Waves can reach a height of 4-6 m at high tide .

Bono also known as a wave of seven ghosts . That is because the resulting waves could reach seven successive layers of waves and can even create the vault ( barrel ) , is like waves in the ocean . Uniquely, the waves roll in even in a much longer duration of time ( could be up to 2 hours ) when compared with the waves in the ocean surfers usually indulge in a number of minutes only . Because of his prowess , Bono waves are not recommended for novice surfers .

Bono was first discovered a few international surfers coming from France and Brazil that directly tested the virulence Bono . Since then , Bono started receiving more national and international surfers .

Bono is the existence of Attraction wave that is fairly new and still being developed provincial administration . Scarcity and uniqueness of a tourist destination as it has the potential to attract tourists is definitely more than the destination or attraction generally , both local and foreign tourists , especially surfers .


Kampar River is located in Teluk Meranti village , northeast of Pekanbaru . From Pekanbaru , Riau , the journey to Teluk Meranti takes approximately 6-7 hours .

First of all , you can use ground transportation from Pekanbaru to Pangkalan Kerinci . Located approximately 70 miles , this trip can be taken approximately 2 hours . The journey then continues towards Teluk Meranti through Bunut District for approximately 3 hours .

In addition to the land, traveling from Pangkalan Kerinci towards Teluk Meranti can use water transportation , which is approximately 2 hours speedboat . Of Teluk Meranti , there is a speedboat that can be rented to drive to Cape Sebayang . The rental fee speedboat capacity of 6-8 people is approximately Rp 300,000 , – . However , not all want to take your speedboat to Tanjung Sebayang on the eve of the appearance of Bono . Because the appearance of Bono is a condition where the Kampar River dangerous enough to be forded and estimate difficult condition.

Speedboat driver ( Tekong ) must be an experienced , understanding and knowing the ins and outs of travel as well as the flow of rivers and can “read” the current state of water and wind currents . Because if not , the condition of the river path that will always fluctuate due to changes in the river bed will be very dangerous . The ability to read is an important condition for maintaining speedboat Tekong in order not to run aground in the shallow river bottom . For if through speedboat aground could not move, it is feared that Bono waves suddenly came to crashing and ” swallow ” speedboat .


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