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pantai indah di dunia

Who would not like to go to the beach? Whether to simply enjoy the breeze, water play or chat with people nearby, the beach has always managed to attract the attention of many people. Nothing wrong in tropical regions such as Indonesia and the islands of Polynesia, the beach is the number one tourist sites of the most sought after by tourists, both local and foreign. If you are a beach lover, here we show the most beautiful beaches in the world.

This article can be your motivation to save and around the world with backpacking :

  • Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Have you heard the song “The Girl from Ipanema ‘which was popularized by Brazilian singer named Antonio Carlos Jobim? If you pay attention to the lyrics, where the author wrote many songs about the beauty found on Ipanema beach. The lyrics of this song is not excessive, because in fact, the beach is located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the many beaches with exotic scenery in the world. There are two mountains named Dois Irmaos on the west coast. The sea water is turquoise helped add to the beauty of this beach. Various kinds of beer sold around the coast, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. For the hygiene problem, the Brazilian government must be given the thumbs up. Although the beach is densely visited by tourists, garbage contained in this beach is well managed so that no garbage strewn disturbing view. The beach is divided into several posto. In each, there is a lifeguard tower.

  • Baie des trespasses, Britanny, France.
    The beach is located in Britanny, France this is a great choice for those who like surfing. Not only that, the beach holds rank 12 of the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world by Lonely Planet is still unspoiled by the public so it is still very clean and quiet. The beach is covered by brown sand which extend, and has waves with an average height of 8 feet, so it is quite safe for the surfer. Even so, the surfer beginners are not advised to practice here because there are rocks hidden beneath the waves. Near the coast, there are a wide variety of bars and cafes that provide olahanseafood and typical French wine. Although sparsely attended, but in summer this beach frequented by surfers vary, either from France or from abroad.
  • Maya Bay, Krabi, Thailand.
    The beach is never used as a filming location of The Beach in 2000 is worth classified into the category of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The combination of white-green sea and white sand which managed to increase the attractiveness of this beach. Interestingly, according to the Thai tourist guide book published by Lonely Planet, tsunami ever struck Thailand in 2004 played a major role in enhancing the beauty of this beach. Maya Bay is very popular for use as a diving spot. There are two major diving spots here, namely at Loh Samah and Palong Bay. There is also Koh Bida Noi, very popular diving spot by divers reliable. If you are a fan of beer, at Marina Bay are sold beers Thai specialties at a very low price.
  • El Castillo, Tulum, Mexico.
    For those who want to relax, El Castillo, Mexico, is a beach that fits for you. The ruins of the Mayan civilization in the background, white sandy beach is perfect for those of you who just want to relax on the beach. To add to her beauty, this beach has a light blue clear water with clean sand. There was no garbage strewn disturbing scene here. One of the typical snacks that must be tried on the beach this is a fish taco. The fish taco is a typical Mexican meal consisting of bread typical Mexican-taco-meat minced fish and avocado sauce. If you get bored sitting around enjoying the beach, surfing and you can explore Mayan ruins. You can even participate in a monthly salsa dance festival held near Playa Esperanza, within 10 meters of this beach. In essence, you can not possibly get bored in El Castillo-there are always things you can do here.
  • Bahia Gardner, Espanola Island, Galapagos.
    The beach is located on the island of the Galapagos is not only decorated with a beautiful view, but also a variety of unique and rare species that can only be found in this place only. This beach can be reached via water for 10-12 hours by boat from Isla Santa Cruz. The tourists usually come to Bahia Gardner to see the mating dances of blue-footed boobies birds. If you had the opportunity to visit this beach, you will bask while accompanied by Galapagos sea lions. Relax, animals that are on the island is very tame really. Even so, you still should not interfere with the animals contained in this island because you can be punished. For all the animals contained in Bahia Gardner protected by UNESCO.

The above is a list of 5 most beautiful beaches in the world our version. Hopefully this article can add your insight on the beautiful beaches in the world. Who knows, one day you can enjoy the beach this directly!


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