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This Equipment and Supplies Hiking

bawaan naik gunug

Mountain climbing is one of the activities carried out in the wild or outdoors. To make the climb required to have special tools and equipment in accordance with the conditions we are going to climb the mountain. Not only the physical and mental strength must also be prepared especially health.

Extreme weather and fickle could affect the fitness of the body because of the absence of any facilities on the mountain. Then the climbers are required to prepare the equipment as best as possible because the physical forces that will work harder than usual, making us the climbers as well as a nature lover desperately need such equipment.

Indeed, in passing, fixtures and equipment such as mountain climbing only thing that’s it. But when viewed in detail and structured, many in number, and if we want to be able to spend their money to buy us deeply. But more and more people who enjoy mountain climbing activities, making some party outsmart the situation by creating a business opportunity that could be promising. So as to ease the burden of our pockets to climb the mountain.

The following is the equipment and any equipment that must be prepared to do a climb.

Personal equipment for climbing the mountain:

1. Tent

2. Nesting or pan to cook

3. Can practically use the gas stove with a small tube with liquid. It could also firewood but must pay attention to surrounding places to prevent fires

4. The camera of course obliged, for documentation or simply media photos and videos

5. Certainly for the base mat

6. Mountain jacket must be taken

7. Apparel t-shirts, trousers or short

8. Mountaineering bags or carrier for mountaineering

9. Small backpack or daypack as a backup

10. Mountaineering boots or hiking

11. Sleeping bag

12. Sendal

13. Flashlight

14. Cipus or it could also bring a hat

15. Mask

16. Gaiter can also not in use is optional

17. Equipment for bath

18. Equipment for eating

19. Tools ignition or lighters

20. Folding knife

21. P3K must be taken.

The thing to remember, do not do mountain climbing alone can be very vulnerable because of things that are not desirable. Then invite your friends at least 3 people to do the climb, if you do not have any friends Join with a group of climbers who will climb the mountain and always pay attention and obey rules and the norm of all the climbing routes. In order for us to survive until the summit and return with excitement.

Such equipment and supplies in mountain climbing. Hope it is useful!


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