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Traveling certainly requires a considerable amount of money, you also need to save or save to be traveling more fun. Besides, the benefits of traveling to nourish the body and mind for eliminate saturated and refresh the mind.

It turned out to save money when traveling there are several ways that you can do. In addition to looking for tickets for travel or hotel promo. You can also carry certain objects from the house, so no need to buy it during the trip.

These objects are:
1. The portable medication
This object is useful for storing medicines that you need when traveling. Packaging little easier for you do not bring a lot of drugs so that you are more practical and efficient.

2. Plaster
These objects may be small, but very useful when you need them. For example to overcome foot blisters as new shoes, or when the skin is scratched something.

3. Vaseline
It is very versatile to moisturize the skin, lips, even removing makeup. You also do not need to carry a lot of products to perform these functions.

4. Plastic bags zipper
It took a snack in a small size? You need this. You also do not need to fear the food is exposed to air so it can eat it at some time. More efficient because you do not need to buy snack repeatedly.

5. Water bottle is empty
Whenever thirsty, you can use it to take water for free at the airport. Empty bottles will not be stuck in the airport inspection because it does not contain liquid.

6. Books
These objects will be very useful to kill boredom when you have to wait for a delayed flight or other things. Instead of spending money to buy expensive food or entertainment, the book will be your savior.


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