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South and Central America are the place to enjoy the best sunshine. There are numerous exotic areas we should visit to have a great holidays one of the countries we should never miss is Costa Rica. This country is located between Nicaragua and Panama. If we want to see a magnificent beach, flowers, and animals, then we are choosing the best location. The weather in Costa Rica is divided into two season’s dry and wet season. If we want to enjoy the sun, then the best season to visit Costa Rica is during the dry season during November to May. For us who love fishing, then we should visit Costa Rica during December to January. We will have a great fishing holiday and the chance to catch marlin.

If we want to visit Costa Rica during May to June, then it means we are facing the beginning for wet season. There would be several rainy days, but we can still enjoy Costa Rica. Besides beach, we should also enjoy the Costa Rica music and festivals. Here are some of them: Dia de la Raza that is held in Octorber 12, Monteverde Music Festival during December to March, Palmares Fiestas and some others. If you plan to have Costa Rica Holidays, you can visit to find the best Costa Rica Resorts and holiday amenities to choose from.

On this website, we will be able to get easiness on arranging our vacation to any destination we choose especially in Costa Rica. With them, we can also find some exotic areas fewer people visit, so we can get a tranquil vacation. They are also serving honeymoon and group travel vacation, so we can adjust the vacation with our need. Whenever we plan for a vacation, just go to the site and let the pro helps us.


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