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Carnival of Venice

Carnival of Venice

It’s almost the middle of February, and you have not had a vacation destination this month? Do not worry, there are several destinations that fit visited before March comes. Here are 5 of them.

The following 5 of the top destinations to spend the rest of February. Begin packing items and enjoy the rest of this month:

1. Venice, Italy

Holidays to Venice this month, travelers will be entertained by the different carnival half a world away. Venice Residents flocked to the streets. They wore the typical 18th-century, and the mask of the ‘arty’ as cover.

Travelers can enjoy the Carnival of Venice while walking through the streets or ride the gondola. In addition to the Venice carnival costumes also do in Cologne (7-13 February), Nive (February 15-March 6), Trinidad and Tenerife (February 6 to 17).

2. St Moritz, Switzerland

Every winter, St. Moritz in Switzerland loved by tourists because of White Turf event. This is a racetrack located in a frozen lake. White Turf is one of the agenda of the most popular winter travelers. This horse race lasts three days the first week of February 3rd, 10, and 17.

In addition to White Turf, there is also a Cricket on Ice tournament which took place on February 14 to 17. Same location,  in the frozen lake of St Moritz.

3. Paris, France

February 14 is the date the right to come to Paris, France. Valentine moments with friends will be more memorable in the most romantic city in the world. Spend time with friends to enjoy this special moment.

At dusk, spend time in roadside cafes directly facing the Eiffel Tower. When the sky was getting dark and the lights of Paris began to glow, his time walking on the banks of the River Seine.

4. York, UK

City of York in England is convening Jorvik Viking Festival every February 16. Each year, there are 40,000 visitors who visited the city to watch the Vikings biggest festival in the world.

There are a variety of agendas and related touring the nation to follow viking tourists. There are also performances war  the Vikings style were so objects most coveted photography there.

5. Jerez, Spain

Starting 22 February to 9 March 2013 there Jerez Festival in Jerez, Spain. The city, along with City of Seville, is the birthplace of flamenco dance. During the Jerez Festival, visitors can watch a flamenco show on the road.

Not only that, the tourists can also follow flamenco dance lessons and learn rocking style Jerez. Not a few of you know, tourists are interested!


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