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Burning Crater

Burning Crater

Travelling is the most enjoyable activities to relieve boredom of his daily activities. Many people traveling with a different purpose, there is a purpose to the beach, mountains, or just lazing in the hotel or villa.
But for those of you who want a different vacation experience, you can try visiting Turkmenistan. Countries included in the Central Asian region has a unique new tourist spot.

The name of tourist destination is Burning Crater, located in the middle of the Karakum Desert is indeed initiated by the local government to become a new tourist attraction. It is located about 270 kilometers North of the capital Ashgabat Derweze close to the village. More than 12 thousand tourists visited Turkmenistan.

Attractions that make visitors feel the heat up to over 50 degrees Celsius. Burning Crater was originally a source of natural gas drilling conducted by scientists of the Soviet Union in 1971, however, for fear of the effects of methane gas will harm people around, they decided to burn it.

After nearly 40 years, the fire from burning the gas can never be extinguished. This of course is the main attraction for visitors who come and take a closer look. Moreover, local governments have not put up a barrier or safety for the visiting tourists.

Turkmenistan Government is targeting 15,000 travelers from 50 countries around the world to come and see the nature of heat from deep within the earth is unique.


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