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Tourist Scam And How To Avoid It

Tourist Scam Dan Cara Menghindarinya

Recently, the tourist scam has been growing rapidly country European countries. Ranging from small things such as taxi fare is more expensive than usual to the serious nature that led to the robbery. These scams come in all occasions, shapes and sizes. We are exposed to avoid fraud, make sure we know about matters relating to the security of our destination countries.

Someone who looks plain suddenly took a ring on the ground in front of you and ask if the ring was yours. When you say no, people will try to convince you that the ring was made of pure gold. He offers it to you with a ring of high prices. In fact, the ring was a fake and they are accidentally dropped near you.

Friendship Bracelet mode: A seller with a very aggressive approach you to ask if you can help him make a friendship bracelet. He will ask for a demonstration was conducted hands anda.Setelah finished, he will ask you to pay for the bracelet. And, because the bracelet is still in your hands and you can not easily remove it in place, you feel obligated to pay for the bracelet. If you still refuse, certain co-fraudsters are ready ready to find a gap to pilfer you.

Be careful of the store cashier who seemed to talk on the phone when you pay the bill by credit card. if you look carefully, you will be able to hear the sound of the camera of the mobile phone as he took a photo of your credit card. Try to pay with cash.

Thieves posing as inspectors room. This mode is usually done by two people. One officer will ask permission to inspect your room by reason of any interruption of your room. As you accompany check officers, associates these fraudsters will immediately take your valuable goods in the cupboard. Never let people get into your room Ifyou do not expect them. Tell them to wait outside and as soon as possible contact the front desk.

If someone comes in suddenly and asks you to take a photo with a camera or mobile phone, you need thisĀ alert . Cheater ask you take a photo with a camera was broken. When you want to restore the camera, with the camera accidentally nudged the fraudsters would thus fall. He will either ask you to pay for improvements to the camera or other colleagues will try to take your wallet when help picking the damaged camera.

There some note things you need if you want to be separated from the tourist this scam :

  • If we have a traveling companion, kept each other informed of the general public knowledge about and practice habits.
  • Do not answer questions about you to someone who is unfamiliar.
  • Do not carry much money or expensive equipment to the place that you do not know. This will minimize your impostor exposed to fraud by locals.
  • Do terpacing with a very special offer or victory of nowhere suddenly came from. Trust your instincts. If you feel the feeling “seems too good to be true”, so follow your instincts it.
  • Never write your name out of your bag. It will provoke fraudsters who pretend to know your temple and attempted to invite you to the place that you do not know. If you want to use name tags, try to use the blur. It will menyulikan people read your name.

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