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Traveling to a Rural Preparation



Traveling to remote areas may sound exciting and challenging . However , he could not do any , because the risk is relatively larger than traveling activities generally . As such , it also requires more careful preparation , such as the following .

# 1 Information and information
Before leaving , make sure you have enough information about the intended area , such as accommodations , transportation , local contact person and such . Then you can take into account other factors such as weather , route , until the phone number is important . Remember ! Comfort and safety are at stake you on a trip .

# 2 Prepare the appropriate equipment
Do you need a four- season tent ? I wonder if it takes a satellite phone ? What is the condition of your communication tool batteries , extra batteries and carry it necessary ? Such questions are important to ask before you wade through the jungle or along the coast .

Exercise # 3
Physical exercise before traveling is needed , considering the area you wish to visit a remote area . Such areas tend to be ‘ isolated ‘ from the outside world , and the path to get there is usually quite heavy . Try to run twice a week , to keep the body fit during the trip . It is also associated with resistance to disease . One more thing , before you leave, visit your doctor to check your physical condition , especially if you have certain diseases .

# 4 Check the list of belongings
List of luggage becomes important when you are traveling to remote areas . The assumption is that you will not be as easy as finding a place to eat or where to shop for other needs . So , prepare from home . However , do not also carry excessively , because in the end it will only be troublesome and slow down your pace .

# 5 Leave a message
Copy of your travel plans and share them with family at home . And whenever you can make contact , to contact them .
Hopefully this information may be useful for you .


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