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Lake Diateh

Lake Diateh

Solok district is an area that has beautiful lakes. This lush green area located at an altitude of 400-1700 meters above sea level and has four lakes, ie Lake Batur, Gutters Lake, Lake Diateh (Above), and Lake Below. Last two lakes known as the Twin Lakes for almost the same extent and in reasonable proximity.

Twin Lakes is located in Solok, precisely in the area of ??Bungo Tanjung, Alahan Panjang. The location is very strategic and lakes located above the altitude that the air temperature is very cold. Mountains wrapped in mist and activities of farmers cabbage, potatoes, peppers, and various other vegetables into becoming a distinctive scenery.

Long Alahan has enough cool air even during the day though. You will see a common sight here where people wear a sarong.
From the city of Padang, Twin Lake is about 65 miles past the road climbs and twists. 15 km trip leaving downtown Padang then you will be treated to views of rolling hills, forests, and steep ravines. Once in Lubuk Basil, about 35 miles from the center of Padang, you turn to the right to head toward South Solok treats to enjoy the aroma of fresh tea leaves in the expanse of sprawling estates.

Lake Above and Below Lake often referred to as Twin Lakes. Although called a twin, both completely different both broad, shape, and height. Uniquely located higher lake was called Lake below. Both are side by side in the ranks of the Bukit Barisan. The distance between them is only about 300 meters, so it is called Twin Lakes.

You who like fishing can be channeled here. You can also see Talang volcano is still active. Twin Lakes region also has an extensive and distinctive agro tourism, such as tea plantations, passion fruit, and vegetables. In this area are also available outbound travel, tracking, water sports and other recreational activities. After enjoying panoramic Twin Lakes, you can buy a wide variety of flowers around the lake.

In these two lakes you can enjoy a tour around the lake with a boat that can be hired local people. Before you get to the Lake Below, you can stop for a moment to enjoy the beautiful panorama and the cool breeze over lunch at some locations that are already available.
You can also visit Mount Talang from this location. Also visit Talang Lake located in Mount Talang waist. This lake has an area of ??1950 mx 1050 m, a depth of 88 m, and a height of 1674 meters above sea level. There was also a small lake covering an area of ??400 mx 100 m and a height of 1707 m. In the area of ??Mount Kili, there are hot springs at the foot of the volcano.


Come to the restaurant next to Kayu Aro Solok Solok regent office in the Aro Likes. The location is right on the right road from Padang to Solok. Taste delicious dendeng and various side dishes. Beautiful views of the hills plus the cool udar definitely make you linger here. There sop gutters in the district of Mount Talang, Solok that tastes delicious. This combined with the weaker foot of Mount Talang cool.

Jerky restaurant Baracik H. Emmy Solok presenting jerky delicacy blended with coconut water. You can forget how many pieces of jerky is spent for guaranteed delicious. There is also a Minang savouries like champions and black rice porridge. District of Mount Talang is located, not far from the junior Gutters, to the right of the road leading downhill from the direction of Solok, Padang.

Another option is Resto Meri near Koto Baru area. You can taste the delicious fish accompanied cassava crackers are delicious.


To visit the Twin Lakes and surrounding areas, your arrival at Minangkabau International Airport, the airport Ketaping, Padang Pariaman, you can use a travel system with the rent per day ranged Rp300.000, 00 to Rp500.000, it does not include the cost of fuel.

Public transport can not be relied upon for tourist transportation can serve one or two people, except for the group.
To reach the location of the twin lakes of the city of Padang, you can use the intercity bus at a cost of Rp 20,000, 00 travel as far as 60 miles in about 1 ½ hours considering the course quite complicated.

Alahan length where Twin Lakes can be reached by car or motorcycle about 3 hours from the city of Padang. Before getting to the destination, all the way from Padang Simpang Lubuak Selasiah, your eyes will be treated to a view of the mountains and a complete natural characteristics.


Twin Lakes region relatively cold temperature, 14-16 degrees Celsius, so you need to bring your warm clothes . If coming from the direction of Lubuk Basil then about 1 km ahead until Bungo Tanjung eating at home, you will see the expanse of blue water Above the lake, nature cool, beautiful, and fresh.


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