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Pantai Sulamadaha

Pantai Sulamadaha

Ternate, Indonesia – North Maluku has many beautiful beaches that captivates. The beach was scattered at many points. Understandably, the province’s capital is Sofifi has 850 islands!

One of the coolest beach is Sulamadaha, reached a 45-minute car ride from Ternate city center. Ternate is an island in North Maluku province, the spice-Portuguese rempahnya engaging in days of yore. Also once the capital of Ternate in North Maluku, before moving to Sofifi on Halmahera Island, the largest island in North Maluku. Ternate is the busiest city in North Maluku.

As the eastern coast of Indonesia, Beaches Sulamadaha very clear. Legs that went into the sea on the shoreline will be obvious, was so crystal clear waters. Small reefs dotted white in one corner. Reefs was the main attraction of this beach is so picked for souvenirs is a ban.

Interesting to note also is the route to the beach. Smooth paved roads make travel easier. Along the way, travelers can stop to watch the lava of Mount Gamalama that have been petrified. Lava was shaped like a large chunk of jet black. The eruption of lava was once through the river channel near the coast and destroying it. Now the rest of the cold lava solid on the roadside to be one of the tourist photos.

Arriving at the beach location, travelers have to walk up and down along a small road that has dibeton favorite side to go to a sloping beach. During the trip, travelers were treated to beautiful scenery. Hiri island of Ternate, across the beach can be seen from this that beautify the landscape. The enormity of the landscape makes a 15-minute walk is not tiring.

Arriving at the beach favorites, we can go directly to the beach just soaking feet or diving. Swimming and boating with small boats is also okay. Available to rent a large tire with the water main and the rental price of Rp 5,000 to Rp 30 thousand small canoes to traverse the beach. There are also rent snorkeling goggles.

Once satisfied playing the water, we can sit in the cafe overlooking the beach. Stalls offering the young coconut and banana chips in duck feather dip into sauce.

Bananas are a type of banana duck feathers feet long and slender, thick middle finger. Reddish color of raw meat. Having made chips and dipped in chilli sauce tasting local, it’s … make miss!

Atmosphere still looks deserted beach. Shop that was open just one. So it still feels very high quality, clean, no trash.


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